We Are Usually Asked About

What is the opportunity?

Ukraine presents a vast potential for European investments, and is actively encouraging the entrance of foreign players into the domestic market.

What gives us special advantage?

The experience of The GroupRikas Investment Group management team is an advantage.

What makes us especially qualified?

The evidence of past performance acknowledged throughout the years.

What about our business model?

Clear-cut and intelligible business model embracing 3 chief directions.

What makes it scalable?

The Group'sRikas Investment Group ability to ramp volume up quickly with minimal new resources.

How do we attract customers?

We got deep expertise of how to attract customers in the spheres of Agriculture, and Healthcare (ART).

How do we connect to customers?

Maintaining day-to-day ties with both the real and potential customers.

Did we learn the competition?

Besides strong competition in Agriculture, Healthcare market has a much weaker entrance to step in.

What are the risk factors?

The model has been well tested in Ukraine’s particular industries to mitigate possible risks.

Do we have a rainmakers?

Exactly, we have the real rainmakers on board.

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  • Thanks to your team for their kindness and responsiveness, as well as their help in organizing treatment of infertility and an excellent matching of a surrogate mother for our family.

    Nikolaev, Ukraine
  • We would like to say thank you for helping to organize our child’s therapy in Germany. The problem we met, acute leukemia, could not be solved completely in Ukraine. No matter how hard it was for us, we had to look for a foreign clinic. Thank you for selecting the best specialists in this field.

    Olga & Nicolay
    Samara, Russia
  • The closest person to me, the one who gave me life, my mother, being at her old age already, had got a thigh injury. Facing the need of endoprosthetics, we had to look for treatment in Switzerland. We felt your care and attention since the first minute of our communication. All our family thanks to you and wishes you continued prosperity.

    Kiev, Ukraine
  • After we have heard a distressing diagnosis and understood they can’t help us in Ukraine, we decided to ask the organization for help in organizing of the therapy in Israel clinics. Quick feedback, team unity and common result orientation helped our father to save health and life. There is nothing more precious than the health of our family and friends. Thank you and God bless you!

    Kiev, Ukraine
  • Contacting you by a referral from our friends who did already undergo a therapy in your center, since the first minute of our acquaintance we felt that you can help us here. Kind treatment, responsiveness and an opportunity of 24-hour communication on all the emerging questions during all the time of the program mean a lot to us. And finally, we’ve got the result we were expecting. To say the truth, we think about repeating it. Thanks to you, we have become happy parents of two beautiful children.

    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Your responsive attitude to us, your loyalty and professionalism helped us made our long-awaited dream of our baby’s birth come true. Being in a foreign country, we felt like home. Thank you very much!

    St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Over the past years, we lost any hope to get children of their own. Due to certain circumstances related to health of my wife, we are genetically unable to take own children. Thanks to you, we have become the proud parents of two beautiful kids.

    Milano, Italy

Core Cross-Border Services

Business Strategy & Execution

We coordinate all the efforts to accomplish the investor’s strategic goals and objectives in business execution.

Investment Portfolio Management

Meet specified strategic investment goals for the benefit and value of the investors.

Project Management & Finance

Track a company’s project execution & administration of its investments on-time on-budget.