Good readings about how do you see the stock market in U.S. The extract has been taken from the MONEY Magazine (January-February, 2015). Online poll was conducted in November, 2014: 1,406 responses. Sources: Bankrate, Center for Audit Quality, Gallup, International Monetary Fund, Investment Company Institute, Natixis.

This month question was: What will stocks do in 2015? Good sign has been gotten from the poll as 36% of the readers were replied as the stocks will climb a little; anyway 40% of the readers in total were not too optimistic, and suggested about either stocks’ will drop like a rock (22%) or will rise dramatically (18%). Neverthless of that replies, you can see from the infographic below shown, the main concern of 66% global investors was, how to minimize risks their; 56% of them replied that they will even sacrifice returns just for the purpose to minimize risks. From the safest investment directions there could be energy, health care, technology, and consumer goods.

Last but not least, the global economy is expected to grow by 3.8% in 2015, which will obviously make a good impact to the overall investment forecast in the market. Anyway, the only 20% of the global investors are very confident that they can withstand the market shock.