Taking Fertility Seriously


fertilityHave you been trying to conceive and just aren’t getting pregnant? Don’t worry, as your fertility is under our control!

Conceiving a child and getting an infant ought to be the most basic factor on the planet. In other words, it is a process, where different parts of a puzzle have to fit perfectly. If this is not happening rapidly enough, you might need fertility expert consultancy and fertility research to find out if a reason are available and to find out if fertility treatment methods are indicated.

In present day progressively specialized medical world, you should be evaluated inside a fertility unit in which the physicians possess a proven history in fertility improving surgery and aided reproductive techniques.

With forthcoming Fertility and IVF Center to be opened in Ukraine, you are in good hands you can rest assured our physicians possess the necessary abilities, experience and integrity we have to assist you in making your loved ones.

The Business plan is been developed to make a contribution to the struggling of preservation of Ukrainian nation health. After all, following bad habits, and ignoring ground laws of health, we are destroying not only ourselves, but also the society in which we hope to live a long and happy life.

Our job consists in making the most precious puzzle of our life being put together completely!

Our Philosophyfertility

We aim to provide a set of people-sensitive services that are centered on individual needs and emotional wellness of our patients.

There exists a strong dedication to evidence based remedies, and promise that we’ll provide honest and obvious advice and can only suggest research or remedies which are in interests of our patients.

We are inviting our patients to friendly center having a highly experienced team devoted to achieving the greatest results for the patients.

Even though success in our remedies are some of the best, we can’t be certain that every prospective mother attending the Center will end up pregnant.

We are able to promise however, that every couple will get our best attention, expertise and care.

What makes us unique is that how much we care about the people we meet and work with. We draw a picture of your life together, the picture of the happy parents!

What Do We Offer



DBP, Years



The business plan is designed in conjunction with Parents Life LLC to get an investments for the opening of a private multifield Medical Center (Fertility and IVF Clinic), specializing in provisioning of services in the field of assisted reproductive technology in Kyiv, with designed capacity almost 100 visits a day, evaluating the effectiveness of one operations, and gain profit in the mid-term.

The basic prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project is the crushfertility loading to be achieved through the launching of a complex of marketing and commercial activities, especially developed for the needs of nowadays patients.

The Clinic is fulfilling activities on:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases, as with medication and therapeutically, and operating methods,
  • Provisioning of advice on infertility treatments with a further holding of IVF procedures,
  • Integrating supervision of pregnancy on demand,
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases of the breast,
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the urinary system, male reproductive system, diseases of the adrenal glands, and other pathological processes in retroperitoneal space,
  • Provisioning of related services, based on the ART, to the conception and birth of a healthy children.

fertilityAs methods of diagnostics, Clinic diagnostic ultrasound is assumed, also instrumental and laboratory studies. Laboratory research is carried out based on its own clinical-diagnostic laboratory, which is an integral part of the Clinic.

The operating activities of the Clinic will focus on providing services in the ART, considering market potential, as well as the dynamically growing demand for such procedures for infertile couples. Operating activities are carried out according to the main piece of legislation governing a functioning of healthcare system in Ukraine, “Fundamentals of legislation of Ukraine on health care” of Dec. 19th, 1992. Additionally, basic regulation on health “Conception for the development of Public Health for the population of Ukraine” dated Dec. 07th, 2000, and order No. 787 of the Ministry of health of Ukraine from Sept. 09th, 2013 “Order manual of appliance of assisted reproductive technologies” on top of another regulatory documents are used.

Project realization is possible in any region of Ukraine; however, the present business plan anticipates option to open the Clinic in Kiev.

Implementation of the business plan will allow:

  • Creation of profitable business in provisioning of healthcare services, whose TV in the end of the planning period (5 years) will amount to UAH 133.128 million at current prices,
  • Getting a guaranteed income (based on the NPV of the net asset value) of UAH 29.007 million after a period of planning,
  • Meeting the demand for paid medical services in the field of assisted reproductive technology in the area of project implementation,
  • Creation of new well-paid jobs in Kiev.
The Group Is Ready To Get Engaged In Dialogue About Investments Into The Project
We invite private investors (business angels), seed venture capital funds and other financial institutions that are interested in investing in the early stages of development of our project. We are ready to get engaged in dialogue about the loan, project financing, as well as direct investments into the project, involving strategic investors as well.