In the scope of the project, we are supplying of the baking flour to Gaza Strip. We supply 50 lb bags of flour for bakeries to make a bread and pastries. Flour is a core ingredient in breads and flour is a staple in any kitchen or bakery. Although most flours are made from wheat, we supply two kinds of it, first class and first quality, depending on the request. Flour, supplied by us, produced mainly in Southern region of Ukraine, and meet both local and international standards. One of the mills we are working with awarded the international award nomination committee of the European Business Assembly “EUROPEAN QUALITI” for the compliance of the products and services of European standards (October, 2013).


post-24-3Israel’s Operation Protective Edge on Gaza is the third largest military confrontation between the Zionist entity and the Palestinian resistance movements since Hamas became the sole ruler of the Gaza Strip in July 2007. It influenced not only the regional climate and the balance of power, but also civilians who are leaving in the Gaza Strip, and who REQUIRE THE NEED! We have decided to launch the project on supplying the baking flour to Gaza Strip to provide necessary foodstuff that Gaza’s civilians desperately need with. The civilians will be so grateful to all of our supplies. And who do they have to thank for that foodstuff? The community, who cordially may support them! PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!


fancy-header-11Civilians on the Gaza Strip have asked for supplies. They are DESPERATELY in need of foodstuff and other basic supplies. You get the satisfaction of having provided foodstuff and basic supplies to the Gaza’s civilians who are surviving today!

100+ local bakeries stationed in Gaza can’t thank you enough. We have the honor and privilege of purchasing and delivering not only flour, but also sunflower oil, building wood, and other items which they need while they are down there recovering their lives. But this is just the beginning of journey!


This project gives you a unique opportunity to give directly to Gaza’s civilians. Every single penny will go directly to purchasing the neccessay supplies for them. We will make sure that these items are delivered directly to the Gaza Strip on the front lines of nowadays conflict.