Dear friends and our respective partners!

The year 2014 goes down in history – perhaps one of the complex and unpredictable year in the life of most of us. It was the year of major changes, the year of soul-searching, the year when the cornerstone stood the real human relationships, perhaps, except ones, everything else just lost its meaning.

Talking about myself, the first step towards the Year 2015 is done! It remains to fight, do not give up under any circumstances… and just live! I do not like personally any uncertainty, expectation and misunderstanding. However, at this point in my life, these things are trying to accompany me. Gradually I will part with them – this is not something that is worth living.

On the Eve of the Year 2015, the Rikas Investment Group wish you strong health, good spirits, good luck in all your undertakings, let everything that was planned would come true. Never lose your faith in life, because we have the only one, and it is beautiful!

With every new year, comes greater challenges and obstacles in life. we wish you also courage, hope and faith to overcome all the hurdles you face.

May you have a great Year 2015 and a wonderful time ahead. God bless you!

Dmitry Piltyay,

CEO & Board member.