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Everything Has Changed, And Most Things Are Going To Be More Difficult

Compared to the past, in such a turbulence world, clients became more demanding – and with good reason; recently, they could not attract the people they needed, so business consulting represented a mutually useful way of getting good job done. Clients used to engage business consulting for three broad reasons – brand, bodies and brains – but often, they did not take time to understand which of these they need and end up paying for one when they wanted the other.

Nowadays, companies that offer business consulting, should be excellent experts with a very good idea upfront, and are expected to provide not just good advice, but also breakthrough solutions.

5 Steps To Prepare Business Strategy For An Execution

The Group'sRikas Investment Group business consulting services focuses on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, by providing credible solutions for each stage of Balanced scorecard (BSC) life cycle. We are expected less by what we do in terms of business consulting (examining company, modeling future business change, offering ready-to-use advice, etc.), and more in terms of the changes we achieve together to improve company’s business performance.

We hear business holders talking about their vision, mission, strategy, or even using various strategy execution frameworks. Indeed, many business tools may help to understand company’s challenges better, formulate its strategy, and achieve valuable outcomes. To use these tools efficiently and effectively, it’s important to understand:

  • How each of them contributes to the company’s strategy, and
  • How the synergy is achieved.

By focusing on the Balanced scorecard (BSC) implementation, we are expecting to be trusted advisers for them to bounce ideas off. Our role is to help them select the best option. We see ourselves as extra brain capacity, putting another head on the client’s shoulders in order to take half the weight off them.

In such a business consulting services, we used to follow five must-follow steps to prepare business strategy for execution, namely:

  • Defining company’s mission, vision, and values,
  • Formulating business hypothesis and GtM strategy for the future,
  • Putting strategy description on strategy map,
  • Discussing strategy alignment (cascading),
  • Executing the strategy built up.

How do you feel about the strategy definition and execution? Do you agree with the steps above? Would you add something to the topic?

business consulting