Chain Of Multispecialty Dental Clinics


dental clinicsLong-term dental services are performed by dental clinics we develop.

The purpose of this Business Plan is to support a request for a $150,000 three-year bank loan, to finance a pilot start-up limited liability company, The Isra Dent Kiev, as part of the complex project about building up a chain of multispecialty dental clinics across Ukraine. The chain will operate in Ukraine’s regions under a common brand-name, The Isra Dent. The practice will own by The GroupRikas Investment Group and will locate in the most desirable leased (purchased) spaces. The owner will provide a minimum of 10% in initial equity.

As a part of the dental clinics chain, The Isra Dent Kiev will be a dental practice that offers quality dental care and preventive care education at reasonable prices with convenient hours. The dental clinics will be successful because they are based on solid market research demonstrating that there is a demand for a dentistry practice that offers a complex dental care at affordable prices with the latest in international technological advances. The cash flow projection for the pilot start-up indicates break-even including owner’s draw of $170,000 for the first year of operations.

dental clinicsIt is anticipated that The Isra Dent Kiev will become firmly established within one year, so one opening is forecasted in November, 2015. The Isra Dent’s Kiev international knowledge and latest technologies, also reputation for quality service and its friendly staff will provide a distinctive competitive edge. On top of that, the owner has gained wide experience in the field of international business development, also extensive education in the medical field with a record of proven success and determination. All of that is applicable for the whole dental clinics chain.

The Isra Dent Kiev will be a comfortable, relaxing dental clinic that provides a waiting room with a selection of movies to help relieve anxiety and nervousness of patients. The three examination rooms will be comfortable and decorated in a professional manner, but with a home-style touch.

The right combination of professionalism and personal attentions,  on top of the choice of dentist of your dream who will care for all short or long term treatment needs, whether frequent or once a month – all this personally tailored for you.

The Group Is Ready To Get Engaged In Dialogue About Investments Into The Project
We invite private investors (business angels), seed venture capital funds and other financial institutions that are interested in investing in the early stages of development of our project. We are ready to get engaged in dialogue about the loan, project financing, as well as direct investments into the project, involving strategic investors as well.