Ho Do We Execute Strategy


Strategy execution becomes obviously the key of success.

By targeting a critical pain points inside The Group'sRikas Investment Group key initiatives and projects we run, also in close cooperation with our partners and other stakeholders, we work thoroughly and efficiently to ensure maximum NPV at healthy IRR will be achieved as a bottom line of every strategy execution, also all the processes inside will be aligned with our customers organizations’ strategies and their expectations.

Considering maximizing NPV, also do not closing our eyes at healthy IRR which help us make wealth-maximizing decisions, we run our initiatives and select projects that maximizes shareholders’ value. That’s included in our mind, and we align all the efforts we do with this point.

Last but not least, at every strategy execution, is implementation of the optimal outcome. In other words, we are never entering the projects that have initially worse NPV and/or IRR ranks, as those can never be implemented by contests, especially when we are talking about the emerging markets. Even, if the projects can rank the qualities of contributions perfectly.

To do so, our approach is quite a simple, so may be understood in a short while. It include with a few clear statements below shown, better explained in the bottom line of this topic.

  • Research.

  • Team work.

  • Strategy.

  • Business connection.

  • Management.

  • Target.

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strategy execution

Project Strategy Execution



Highly important element of our business strategy, so we gather information about target markets or customers.

Team Work

We constantly improve our teamwork skills, building an effective team aimed to support our customers.


Whenever is possible, we create a high level plans to achieve our goals within the projects we run.

Business Connection

Creation of a network of success oriented business people is a key of our own success.


Strong management and effective leadership qualities are the foundation of our own success.


Setting SMART marketing objectives to achieve all business targets, and do more for less.