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Here you can find contact and address information for The GroupRikas Investment Group office location. Appreciating your feedback and your perspective, we are opening to discussion!


Narva mnt 7-634, 10117, Tallinn, Estonia

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380.50.469-9880, 972.55.222-0700


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opportunity?

Ukraine presents a vast potential for European investments, and is actively encouraging the entrance of foreign players into the domestic market.

What gives us special advantage?

The experience of The GroupRikas Investment Group management team is an advantage.

What makes us especially qualified?

The evidence of past performance acknowledged throughout the years.

What about our business model?

Clear-cut and intelligible business model embracing 3 chief directions.

What makes it scalable?

The Group'sRikas Investment Group ability to ramp volume up quickly with minimal new resources.

How do we attract customers?

We got deep expertise of how to attract customers in the spheres of Agriculture, and Healthcare (ART).

How do we connect to customers?

Maintaining day-to-day ties with both the real and potential customers.

Did we learn the competition?

Besides strong competition in Agriculture, Healthcare market has a much weaker entrance to step in.

What are the risk factors?

The model has been well tested in Ukraine’s particular industries to mitigate possible risks.