Dear Partners!

Our work is something private! As the good quote says, “When money speaks, the truth is silent”. We welcome any of you in our minds, whether it is present or prospective partners, suppliers of goods and services, or smart businesspersons to whom we can talk with about The Group’sRikas Investment Group value proposition and how we would benefit from the mutual relationship. We think of them the moment when we come home at the end of the day. Whoever do so, will understand and support us. You feel proud of helping other people, an achievement that makes it possible to somebody’s lives.

The last year was one of progress, defined by strong re-shaping of every single Group’sRikas Investment Group team member mind and the achievement of important operational goals in several parts of our business. Thus, we truly understood the ways we running forward inside the tremendous instability in the countries we live in. In addition, a few significant for the business development projects were launched, showing a creditable result at the entrance to our renovated journey. Throughout last year, we increased our management structure set new convergence targets for ourselves first. The GroupRikas Investment Group is not operating fully potential. Then, we are accelerating efforts to create competition, retain costs and improve our brand energy.

What makes The GroupRikas Investment Group unique is that how much we care about the people we meet and work with. We understand the point of self-sacrifice and devotion, and each member of our small but competent team helps achieving the ultimate results. We live through the moments of your lives with you.

The GroupRikas Investment Group is really the Group dedicated to exceeding anticipation: for clients, for suppliers, for partners as well as for investors alike. We will non-stop pursue growth possibilities and then concentrate on cost and quality competition, sales energy, sustainability and innovation. The GroupRikas Investment Group is on the go. Rikas word in Estonian meaning Rich. So, please come along for that impressive rich journey!

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry Piltyay

CEO and Board Member

Rikas Investment Group.