Dear prospective Partner!

Thank you so much for your interest in the Rikas Investment Group. Since forming The Group in October 2014, it has been our team goal to provide clients with the highest degree of personalized, and professional services. At The Group, addressing clients’ most pressing questions and concerns ranks as highly as generating returns. Appreciating your feedback, we are opening to discussion at any time!

With each member of The Group’s team possessing a long-term work experience in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, consulting, strategic planning, business development management, sales and marketing, and psychology, we have decided to join our efforts together for a common purpose to be useful to many clients facing issues in that fields.

As we have started to grow in the field of healthcare, we were receiving offers from our friends and partners based in USA Canada, England, Israel, Spain, Italy, France, Finland, and Switzerland, to run Assisted Reproductive Technologies programs in Ukraine, based on “all inclusive” principle, for foreign patients more and more often… It was the beginning of our journey!

Welcome to Rikas Investment Group’s corporate brochure: Investing into the future.

This corporate brochure presents a sampling of our projects throughout the countries we operate in within our diverse life-support markets of agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and FMCG, as well as the accomplishments of our strong and reliable teams of professionals and our customer relationships.

For more information, just click the icon icon to either view or download the corporate brochure.